Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas photo shoot

The kids have never had professional pictures done, like ever. So I thought maybe since it was Hazel's first Christmas we would do some pictures finally. It was pretty fun, and they turned out adorable. I love my little kiddos. Hazel was really tired so I wasn't surprised that she just cried. It made it all the cuter. The photographer talked about poop the whole time to get Graham to smile. He thought it was hilarious! So did Penny, of course. 

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hazel Bell Smith is born

Once upon a time I was pregnant and miserable for 9 months. Then one day, March 18th to be exact, I had a beautiful little baby girl. We named her Hazel Bell Smith.We are very much in love with her!
39 weeks and 3 days (2 days before she came)
Minutes old. 

Home from the hospital
In bike jammies on her bike blanket.
Penny loves her to bits. 
Before her first bath at home Graham just scooped her up off the floor and held her. He loves her to bits too. 
My 3 babies!
 Our little at home photo shoot with Hazel.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

 Happy Halloween, a few weeks late. This year Graham wanted to be a "piggy pumpkin" (which means a pig inside a pumpkin) but then he changed his mind to just wanting to be a "happy pumpkin". Penny was a ballerina. She wasn't given options, maybe next year. They loved hauling all over the neighborhood and they were just as excited when people came to our door. 

Before Graham's preschool Halloween party.
This is my traditional "one take" Halloween picture, though I always take more :)
Happy Pumpkin
Penny would knock and yell "trick or treat" till they opened the door. If Graham was too scared of a house he would make Penny go first.
Sorting out the goods.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Preschool Zoo field trip! Graham was so lucky to have his Aunt Megan as his preschool teacher. For the field trip both classes combined so he got to hang out with his cousins Landon and Ellie, which also meant that Penny got to hang out with her cousin Hank, which also meant that we invited Grandma to come.
G hanging out with a gorilla.
Penny hanging out with cousin Hank and almost cousin Tanner (cousin of her cousins). Future preschool class of Fall 2015.
Cousin Landon, Penny and Graham
Penny on the baby tiger.
I made the mistake of parking Penny's strolled in front of the goats while I got Graham a quarter to buy goat food. I turned around to her scream and to see the goat with Penny's cup of cheerios stuck on its nose and spilled everywhere. She was traumatized. Luckily her aunt Jamie had some replacement snacks. Crazy goats!
Being consoled by her Grandma Smith.

 It was a successful trip!

Graham helping make cookies for his preschool program.
Graham had some great buddies in his class. His cousin Landon on the right and Landon's cousin Dallin on the left.
Balloons make Graham nervous. To him there is no telling when they will pop, he figures he better always be prepared for the worst.
G with his awesome preschool teacher (Aunt) Mrs. Megan.

Friday, June 20, 2014

May- McCall trip

We headed up to McCall, Idaho Memorial Day weekend. We hung out with family, played on the beach, hiked around, and ate blue ice cream. Ryan and I also got some tennis in, which happens about once a year. It was a great little weekend getaway.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

May- Oregon Trip

Towards the beginning of May I went home to visit my family. My brother and my sister were planning to run a 1/2 marathon of their own charting before my brother deployed. My other two sisters and I decided to surprise my brother throughout the run and join in. It all turned out so well and was such a sweet weekend. We missed our brother Adam but he was able to visit Brigham the weekend before. It was an amazing trip!

While I was away Ryan took good care of these little babes.

I was able to go to the Portland Temple with 4 of my 5 siblings and 2 of their spouses, and my parents while I was in town.